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Mould Inspection in Sydney

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise

Sydney mold removal for homes

Contact our Sydney mould removal experts today for a free mould inspection of your home valued at $180.

Best Sydney Mould Inspections

The first step to effectively address any mould situation is a detailed mould inspection. At Nanotise, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive mould inspection services throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a residential mould inspection or a commercial property assessment, our team of certified mould inspectors is equipped with cutting-edge technology to detect any hidden mould growth. We offer:

  • Free mould inspections: To guarantee a safe environment for all, we provide free mould inspections in Sydney. No matter the location, our mould inspectors will reach out to you promptly.
  • Detailed mould inspection reports: After each inspection, we offer a comprehensive report detailing our findings and the proposed remediation plan.
  • Cost-effective mould treatment & remediation solutions. worried about the mould removal cost? With Nanotise, you receive quality treatments that last; We do it properly, once -So you don’t have to deal with it again for a very long time.

Expert Mould Removal Services

Once the mould issue is identified, it’s time for action. Our mould removal services near you are performed by certified mould specialists in Sydney who adhere to the highest industry standards. Here’s what we provide:

  • Cost-efficient mould removal: Worried about the mould removal cost in Sydney? Our competitive prices and proven treatments Ensure you get the best value for money.
  • Eco-friendly mould removal services: We ensure the safety of both the environment and your health by using eco-friendly mould removal techniques.

Unrivalled Expertise in Mould Management

As your mould experts in Sydney, we believe in staying ahead of the curve with continuous research and innovation.

  • Dedicated mould specialists: Our mould specialists in Sydney undergo regular training to keep up with the latest industry standards and techniques.
  • In the dynamic world of mould management, our position as the leading mould experts in Sydney stands uncontested. We deeply value the trust our clients place in us and, to that end, we consistently push the boundaries in mould research, technology, and innovation.
  • Our team comprises dedicated mould specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the industry, these specialists in Sydney are committed to continuous learning. They undergo rigorous, regular training sessions to ensure they are always abreast of the latest industry standards, techniques, and best practices. This commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the most advanced and effective mould management solutions available.

Mould Inspection Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Home mould treatment with Nanotise

- in four steps!


We kill the mould

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise

We remove dead mould & deep clean surfaces

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise

We apply long-term protection

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise

We certify, test & prove it!


Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise


A mould-killing treatment (chlorine dioxide) is gassed into the home including roof, sub-floor and wall cavities, cupboards, behind fittings, pipework, etc. This highly effective, fast-acting mould treatment leaves no residual toxicity behind and is safe for humans and pets once the cleaning process is completed. Our gassing process provides the foundation for a long-term solution to serious mould and bacterial contamination.

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise


Whilst the gassing process kills the mould, it does not remove it, so we then hand clean to remove the dead mould from every surface, furniture, and ornaments. Using our exclusive antimicrobial and antifungal, we disinfect and sanitise all surfaces. Another advantage of cleaning these surfaces, is that it prepares them for CRX antifungal bonding to take place as part of our Nanotise treatment.

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise


The final stage of our mould treatment uses a ground-breaking Australian-made product called CRX. Exclusive to Nanotise, CRX has strong antifungal and anti-microbial properties and, once dried, forms a long-lasting microscopic barrier that protects surfaces and inhibits future mould growth. The product is eco-friendly and non-toxic during and after application.

  • 1. What happens at a mould inspection?

    A mould inspection is a thorough process carried out by trained professionals to detect the presence, type, and extent of mould growth in a property. Here’s a breakdown of what usually happens:

    1. Initial Consultation: The inspector discusses the concerns of the homeowner, any history of water damage, and the reasons for suspecting mould.

    2. Visual Examination: The inspector will walk through the property, looking for visible signs of mould growth, water damage, or conditions conducive to mould development.

    3. Use of Tools and Equipment: Devices like moisture meters, infrared cameras, and borescopes might be used to detect moisture or inspect hidden areas.

    4. Air and Surface Sampling: If mould is suspected but not visible, or if the inspector wants to identify the mould type and concentration, samples might be taken. This can be from the air or directly from surfaces.

    5. Lab Analysis: Collected samples are sent to a laboratory where they are analyzed to determine mould species and spore concentration.

    6. Report Generation: After analysis, the inspector provides a detailed report that includes findings, photographs, lab results, and recommendations for mould removal or remediation.

  • 2. Why do you need a mould inspection?

    A mould inspection is essential for several reasons:

    1. Health Concerns: Some mould species can produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and other health problems.

    2. Property Value: Mould can significantly reduce a property's value. Before buying or selling a property, an inspection ensures that mould won't be a negative factor in the transaction.

    3. Structural Integrity: Mould feeds on organic materials, which can include the foundational elements of a house like wood. Over time, unchecked mould growth can compromise the structural integrity of a building.

    4. Peace of Mind: Whether you're moving into a new home or have concerns about your current one, knowing it's mould-free provides peace of mind.

  • 3. How do you check for mould?

    Checking for mould involves both visual inspections and the use of specialized equipment:

    1. Visual Inspection: Look for discoloured patches or spots on walls, ceilings, and floors. Mould comes in various colours – black, green, white, or even orange.

    2. Moisture Checks: Using moisture meters, we detect excessive moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings – a leading indicator of potential mould growth.
    3. Professional Inspection: We employ advanced tools and techniques to detect any hidden mould.

  • 4. Is there a difference between mould and mold inspection?

    The same substance is called "mould" and "mold"; people spell it differently based on geographic location. We prefer to use "mould", in the USA people prefer to use "mold." Both terms refer to the same fungi growth that we inspect and remove.

  • 5. How much does mould removal cost in Sydney?

    The mould removal cost varies based on the extent of the mould growth. However, Nanotise offers competitive rates for mould removal in Sydney. Please contact us for a custom quote.

  • 6. What is included in Our mould inspection report?

    A Nanotise mould inspection report from Nanotise will detail the extent of the mould Problem(Supported by photographs, moisture readings and Lab-tested sample results), Outline a proposed scope of work to provide a long-lasting solution, and include an itemised quote."

  • 7. Can mould ever be fully removed?

    Mould spores are naturally present in the environment, both outdoors and indoors. As such, it's virtually impossible to create a completely mould-free space. However, active mould growth can and should be removed from homes and buildings.

    Professional mould remediation aims to remove the visible mould and reduce spore counts to natural or baseline levels. Post-removal, it's essential to address the underlying causes of mould growth – primarily moisture issues – to prevent recurrence. By maintaining a dry environment, regularly cleaning, and ensuring good ventilation, one can effectively control and prevent active mould growth in indoor spaces.

  • 8. Are your mould removal services available near me?

    Our mould removal services are available throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule a FREE inspection.

Mould Inspection Sydney | Nanotise


We provide you with a Mould Treatment Certificate specifying the mould treatment. If required, we can also supplement this with ATP swab testing to indicate the hygiene of the surfaces post treatment.

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“Every day we make a real, long-lasting difference to the lives of our customers. We make homes safer for the people who live there. We work hard for that outcome and love that we can genuinely help.”
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Alex Ross
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As host of a prestigious Sydney Air BNB, we needed a quick, professional and comprehensive service. The Nanotise team went over-and-above to deliver an outstanding result. We opted for a full suite of services, including sanitisation, mould management and cleaning. I highly recommend them.
Leila Carey | EA to HNWI
For 8 months my 5 year old son had not slept a full night because of an ongoing respiratory complaint and he had not responded to specialist medical treatment. I called on No Germs who found that I had a mould problem which they duly treated. Within 3 days my son was sleeping right through the night. His respiratory ailment has gone.
Helen K | Homeowner, Northbridge NSW
We had an outbreak of Norovirus (gastro) among the children and carers totalling around 12 cases, and we closed the centre. I immediately contacted No Germs who responded straight away and came to treat the premises. We reopened the centre the following day and had no additional cases reported (even several weeks later).
Jeffrey Y | Director, Happy Faces
Early Learning Centre
Since 2009 No Germs have carried out regular treatments and servicing to enhance our already stringent protocols of food hygiene and sanitising, which has enabled us to ensure we offset any risk. I would highly recommend them and their services.
Dean M | Peppercorn Food Company
We had a significant mould problem at our house in Ryde that was causing health problems. We had tried to deal with the mould before and paid lots of money but the mould still came back. No Germs actually came and diagnosed the root cause of the problem. Peter arranged to improve the sub floor ventilation and then treat mould with a non-toxic solution. The mould was gone and it hasn't come back. Highly recommended.
Paul P | Homeowner, Ryde NSW
For the last 12 months we have engaged No Germs to treat production areas producing high risk products. APT results have validated their work and we have consistently been impressed.
Grant C | General Manager, Pioneer Poultry
No Germs have a desire to get in and get the job done, and take pride in their work delivering results. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies and in fact I have done so already.
Kevin B | National Quality &
Food Safety Manager, Green's Foods